The Men In The Pink Triangle

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This was one of my primary sources for my research paper on Gay Rights Before, During, and After the Nazi Regime. This book tells the story of Friedrich-Paul von Groszheim, a gay man who was captured and imprisoned in a concentration camp until Liberation. This was not only a interesting subject because I am gay, but is interesting because you never hear the stories of the minor groups that were persecuted under the Nazis. Gay men were one of the most targeted and abused while in prison. The  SS encouraged other prisoners to harass and abuse gay prisoners. They were isolated from everyone else and had to sleep with special rules such as not having the lights off and having their hands under the covers. The curative experiments would be the cause of death of many and source of resentment for women for others. Even after liberation they would still face persecution and routine imprisonment for violating the homophobic law of Paragraph 175.

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