Primo Levi

Levi’s recon t on his experience in Auschwitz is a literary master piece and tells the horrific story of surviving in the Nazi’s most well known camps. He recounts how people were first delivered to the camp in cattle cars, waiting for their slaughter after they step out of the train car. The prisoners were then moved into the camp, where they were striped, shaven, and had all possessions taken away from them. They were treated as less than human, just animals that the SS held disgust for. Levi tells of his time is the disease ridden infirmary known as Ka-Be. Other places of the camp were horrid, but here where the sick lay for death, thieves ran amuck and stole whatever they could get their hands on. Levi always draws on how the people in Auschwitz have become what they are treated. Animals. They seem to lose their humanity and result to the basic instincts of survival and do whatever it takes to do that. There only man that Levi knows that is in touch with his humanity is Alberto, his best friend. This book was really well done and great selection for the class to have a first person view of the events in Auschwitz.

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